6. Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing in Recession and Austerity.

Friday 17 July 2015 at 10:00 am

Venue: BPS London office

Hosts: Professor Gail Kinman and Dr Almuth McDowall

10.00Registration and coffee

10.15Introduction (Professor Gail Kinman and Dr Almuth McDowall)

10.45 Thorsten Lunau (University of Duesseldorf, Germany).Work-life balance and health and wellbeing in European welfare states (download bio and talk summary here). Download presentation

11.15 Dr Rea Prouska (Middlesex University). WLB and quality of working life in Greece in times of financial crisis (download bio and talk summary here). Download presentation.

11.45 Dr Frances McGinnity and Dr Helen Russell (Economic and Social Research Institute and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland). Gender, recession and work-life conflict (download bios and talk summary here)Download presentation

12.15 Discussion in groups

12.45 Lunch 

13.30 Julia Fernando, Dr. Donna Willis, Dr Jeremy Dawson and Professor Michael West (The King’s Fund).Work-life presssures for health service staff during the recession period. (download bios here). Download presentation

14.00 Emma Donaldson-Feilder (Director of Affinity Health at Work). Supporting line managers to enhance employee wellbeing and work-life balance (download bio here). Download presentation

14.45 Discussion in groups

15.30 Feedback and summing up

16.00 Close